Monday, September 1, 2014

Family History I'm lovin' it!!!!

   I have been spending a lot of time this last month on Family History. For those of you who are not familiar with this it is the study of the lives of your ancestors. This last month I have found several new ancestors that I didn't previously know of. It was really exciting! I also learned that one of my ancestors served under George Washington during the Revolutionary War!!

   If you want to start learning about your family a great place to begin is with creating something called a family tree. Here is an few example.

 Family Search is a great website to help you put together a family tree. Part of what makes it great is that it is free to use and has just released an app for all of you smartphone/tablet users. In addition it has a large database of recourse you can use to learn more about your ancestors.

   Also for those of you new to family history if you want to see stories about others discovering their family history you should check-out the TLC show Who Do You Think You Are.

This will most likely be the first posts of many about one of my favorite things to do. So stay tuned for more exciting finds.

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