Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Children Need A Mom and Dad

The family is the foundation of society. It is the organization in which our future leaders, inventors and defenders gain the groundwork for who they will become. It is for this reason respect for the role of parents is vital. Fathers and mothers play different but unique roles in the lives of their children. Several studies for example outline the positive impact that good fathers can have on their daughters. An example is that daughters are less likely to develop eating disorders if they have a loving comfortable and communicative relationship with their fathers.(Botta, R. & Dumlao, R. (2002). Communication patterns between fathers and daughters and eating disorders.Health Communications,14, 199-219.)

Other studies are Erickson, B. (1998).Longing for dad. Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications.; Lamb, M. (1997).The role of the father in child development. NY: Wiley.; Perkins, R. (2001). Father-daughter relationships and family interactions.College Student Journal,35, 616-626.

Children need both their fathers and their mothers. The reason is fathers and mothers aide in their child's development in ways that are different but equally important.

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  1. Other thoughts that come to mind on hearing this theme is that fathers and mothers teach critical skills for their children. Obviously depending on relationships and experiences there may be some variation.
    Yet a base for those may be that mothers teach compassion, critical thinking skills and perhaps greater social skills. Fathers teach greater respect and reinforce social skills plus they help establish their sense of identity and self respect.
    It isn't just that both fathers and mothers are important together, it is that they are Crucial to a healthy and strong society. A family that does not stay a family is one that will soon dissolve and leave regret and children feeling anchor-less in a turbulent and busy world.