Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Family History Challenge

With Christmas on it's way there is lots to do and traditions all around us. How often do we take a moment to ponder where our family traditions came from. This year I wanted my families traditions to be a reflection of both my husband and my family cultural heritage.  I started thinking about the countries that our ancestors came from. My family is from Italy, Ireland, Norway, France and Britain. My husbands family is from Germany, Britain, Ireland, Netherlands and Scotland.

This months challenge is to learn more about the Christmas traditions in the countries that your family originated from and implement one of them.

I found some sites that had basic information that can get you started.

          The tradition that we decided to incorporate in to our Christmas is the Advent Calender from Germany.There are lots of different interpretations of the Advent Calender so I am going to pass on some of my favorites.

 I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and are able to spend it with loved ones.