Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Easy FHE (Family Home Evening) Ideas for Toddlers and Kids - POST 3 Baptism

Baptism and Confirmed

This FHE was taken from Lesson 26: I Will Be Baptized and Confirmed from the LDS nursery manual "Behold Your Little Ones". Remember keep it simple.

Song: “Baptism” (Children’s Songbook, 100–101)

Lesson: Play the game from lesson 26. (Show the children your copy of the baptism illustration, read the caption, and invite the children to say “baptized.” Turn the page over, and repeat for the confirmation illustration.
Hide the illustrations behind your back. Then show the children one side of the page, and ask, “Is this boy being baptized or confirmed?” Invite the children to say the answer with you. Hide the illustrations behind your back again and repeat the activity as long as the children are interested.)

Then give them a copy of the coloring page of Christ getting baptized. Let the kids color and as you read John 3:5. Explain that we are baptized so we can live with Heavenly Father again. You can find the coloring page HERE.

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