Thursday, October 23, 2014

Non-candy Halloween Ideas

  There are growing number of children who have food allergies, in addition not all parents want their children to have candy.  For these reasons I am very excited about  having options for trick-or-treaters. The teal pumpkin project by the Food Allergy Research and Education organization helps parents find homes that have a non-candy option for their children with food allergies.

This year our family has decided to join the teal pumpkin project and provide options to those that visit us on Halloween. It cost only $7 at the dollar store and the picture is of some of the things we got. It should be enough for 50 kids.

For those who would also like to provide options but don't know what to get here are some ideas.

Non-Food Ideas
1. stickers (96 per pack)
2. army men (30 per pack)
3. glow sticks (3-7 per pack)
4. bracelets (3-5 per pack)
5. pencils (12 per pack)
6.bouncy balls
7. toy cars
8. rubber ducky
9. spider rings
10. bubbles 
11. yo-yo
12. kazoos
13. playing cards

 Non-Candy Ideas
1. string cheese
2. granola bars
3. rasins
4. dehydrated fruit
5.fruit cups
6. popcorn
7. pretzels

 You may choose to have candy as well as some of these other options. What ever you do, I invite you to join the teal pumpkin project. Also let me know any other ideas you may have.

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  1. Sarah, when I first read non treats I thought, "What a gyp!" Then I read further and it sounded fun!